News Update : Use two whatsapp of same number in different devices

Use Two Whatsapp Of Same Number

What’s up Guys welcome to our new post from where you get more technical details of today world and surely it will make you so happy. Yes, we are here to solve your all technical querries and help you to grow more. Today we are here with different whatsapp same number can be installed in any devices.

Don’t wasting your time we came to the point that how can we use two different whatsapp same number. There are three types of methods from which we can use one whats app in different devices at same time.


Many benefit of using this method some of them are mentioned below :

  • If we have more than one device then we can get whatsapp  message on both devices.
  • In case we have any one device at that time then we can use it  to send or receive message on time
  • We can install it in our partner phone to read all the messages.
  • Our partner can also use that whatsapp for sending or receiving message.

Lets come to know all methods from which we can install different whatsapp of same number

01 Method

First method is very common mostly everyone knows about this trick of using same whatsapp in different phone. Lets come to know the process…

  • We have to open google chrome first.
  • Search of whatsapp web in it.
  • Whatsapp web website will appear.
  • Scan that website with your whatsapp.
  • To scan that website open setting of whatsapp.
  • Go to whatsapp web option of whatsapp
  • Now your whatsapp will open in different website.

02 Method

Second method is very complex rarely people knows about this trick of using same whatsapp in different phone. Lets come to know the process…

  • First install whatsapp in both devices.
  • Keep using one of the device. 
  • If urgent then verify it from second device.
  • But after this your whatsapp in logout form first device.
  • Now your whatsapp is successfully install in second device.

03 Method

Third method is under process it will come to end of 2021 in which you can easily use whats app in different device from same number. Lets learn more about it.

  • Both device can access whatsapp at same time.
  • It allows to receive or send message to both devices.
  • Sender will identify all sended message by IP address of the devices.
  • All message will include of IP address of devices from which it will be easy to know for sender of each message.
  • Receiver will also get the IP of sender from which later receiver will claim for it.
  • Whatsapp team also thinking to improve security before this update because from this update its too difficult to handle data.
  • Whatsapp will provide e-mail support for it so that receiver will get e-mail address of sender.
  • Hope you all are eagerly waiting for this update.

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